The passion began in 1998 with a rusty red and white 1969 FJ55 Iron Pig. Buying and selling Land Cruisers was the start of the business. Before long, it became apparent that parts and service for these specialty vehicles was a necessity. Realizing that parts were not readily available in Canada. We set out our sites to find quality suppliers of parts in Australia where Land Cruisers were plentiful. 

4 Wheel Auto is dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers. We enjoy being connected with the 4-wheel drive community sponsoring off-road and overlanding events. 

We are the suspension experts for Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner and other Toyota 4X4's.  We consult and tailor each build and suspension system to the customers needs.

Our team is constantly evolving our technical skills and have become the leading Toyota diesel and turbo experts in North America. 4 Wheel Auto is proud of our restorations. Check out our gallery. We have a wide range of quality suspension systems, bumpers, accessories, overlanding gear and more…

Our saying is “Do it once, do it right”. Our focus is quality, customer service and a fun experience.

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