ARB Snatch Block

Price: $129.95
Product Name: ARB Snatch Block
Notes: This snatch block is quick and simple to operate, a solid and often duplicated design. A snatch block should be one of the most carefully assessed pieces of equipment you buy. A poorly designed block can have a detrimental effect on a winch's cable, and lead to a failure of the wire rope or the snatch block itself. ARB snatch blocks feature side plates that sit snug against the pulley, eliminating the possibility of the winch cable becoming trapped between the pulley and the side plates. The groove on the pulley itself tapers down to the center allowing for a variety of cable sizes (1/4"-1/2") to be used and ensures the cable is seated securely in the pulley, minimizing lateral movement. To ensure smooth pulley operation, the hardened steel pin is fitted with a nipple, to which grease can be periodically applied. With a breaking strain of 30,000lb, the ARB snatch block is a formidable piece of recovery equipment that should be included in every recovery kit.